TUG 2013

TUG 2013: October 23–26, 2013
The 34th Annual Meeting of the TeX Users Group

Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, the University of Tokyo
3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

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Dates and deadlines, preliminary schedule

Orientation and Access

For access to the conference venue, please see either the Google Map or access page of the university.

From Tokyu Stay Shibuya/APA Hotel to Conference Venue

If you are staying at Tokyu Stay Shibuya or APA Hotel Shibuya-Dogenzaka-Ue, the best way to get to the conference venue is on foot; it takes 10 to 15 minutes (less than 1 km).

From Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu or Shibuya Station to Conference Venue

If you are staying at Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu, the best way to get to the conference venue is to board the Keio Inokashira Line local train at Shibuya Station. The conference venue is very close to Komaba-Todaimae Station, second stop from Shibuya. Take the East Exit, turn left and go out the station (Todai Gate), and you will see the Main Gate of the University ahead. Then, turn right to a narrow path, —you don’t have to go through the Main Gate—go along the path, seeing roses on your left and volleyball courts on your right. This path leads to the West entrance of the Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences Building, the conference venue.

Transportation and travel

Please see our separate travel page for more detailed information concerning arriving in Japan, travel within Tokyo, and some tourist recommendations.


Tokyo has an abundance of hotels of every category and price. But since Tokyo is also huge we recommend to take a hotel near Shibuya Station, which makes access to the conference venue convenient.

No booking service is provided by the local organization, but we recommend one of the following hotels near the Shibuya train station, and provide links to booking sites.

Tokyu Stay Shibuya at Booking.com, Expedia.com, Rakuten Travel
APA Hotel <Shibuya-Dogenzaka-Ue> at Booking.com Expedia.com, Rakuten Travel
Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu at Booking.com, Expedia.com, Rakuten Travel

Publicity flyer

Mentioning the conference to colleagues and in any other contexts would be very much appreciated. We'd also be grateful for any posting of this one-page PDF flyer.


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