TUG, EuroTeX, and other TeX meetings

TUG holds an annual conference, often in conjunction with other TeX user groups, bringing TeX users from all over the world together to learn the latest in TeX applications and innovations through seminars, talks and informal gatherings. They offer a friendly opportunity to connect with other TeX users at every level of experience. For proceedings of TUG conferences, please see the TUGboat contents listing.

Many other TeX user groups around the world organize conferences from time to time:

Announcements of upcoming TeX conferences are sent to the tex-meetings mailing list. Feel free to join the list or peruse its archives.

If you would like to offer a site for a future TUG meeting, please contact the TUG Conference Committee. We would be happy to hear from anyone who is interested, anywhere in the world.

Following is a list of all TUG and (for reference) EuroTeX meetings, and a few other notable conferences.

No. YearDate Principal sponsor, info City, Country
t44 2023Jul 14-16 TUG
TUG 2023
Bonn, Germany

c16 2022Sep 12-18 ConTeXt
16th ConTeXt meeting
Dreifelden, Germany
t43 2022Aug 22-24 TUG
TUG 2022 (videos)

c15 2021Sep 20-25 ConTeXt
15th ConTeXt meeting
Bassenge, Belgium
t42 2021Aug 6-8 TUG
TUG 2021 (videos)

c14 2020Sep 6-12 ConTeXt
14th ConTeXt meeting
Prague-Sibřina, Czech Republic
t41 2020Jul 24-26 TUG
TUG 2020 (videos)

c13 2019Sep 16-21 ConTeXt
13th ConTeXt meeting
Bassenge-Boirs, Belgium
t40 2019Aug 9-11 TUG
TUG 2019
Palo Alto, California, USA

c12 2018Sep 2-8 ConTeXt
12th ConTeXt meeting
Prague-Sibřina, Czech Republic
t39 2018Jul 20-22 TUG
TUG 2018 (videos)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

c11 2017Sep 11-17 ConTeXt
11th ConTeXt meeting
Butzbach-Maibach, Germany
t38 2017Apr 29-May 3 TUG, GUST
TUG@BachoTeX 2017 (videos)
Bachotek, Poland

2016Oct 29 GuIT 2016 Brescia, Italy
c10 2016Sep 25-Oct 1 ConTeXt
Tenth ConTeXt meeting
Kalenberg, The Netherlands
t37 2016Jul 25-27 TUG
TUG 2016
Toronto, Canada

2015Oct 17 GuIT 2015 Trento, Italy
c9 2015Sep 8-13 ConTeXt
Ninth ConTeXt meeting
Nasbinals, France
t36 2015Jul 20-22 TUG
TUG 2015 (videos)
Darmstadt, Germany

2014Oct 18 GuIT 2014 Verona, Italy
c8 2014Sep 8-13 ConTeXt
Eighth ConTeXt meeting
Bassenge, Belgium
t35 2014Jul 28-30 TUG
TUG 2014 (videos)
Portland, Oregon, USA
2014Apr 11-14 DANTE
DANTE e.V. 25th anniversary
Heidelberg, Germany

c7 2013Sep 23-28 ConTeXt
Seventh ConTeXt meeting
Brejlov (Prague), Czech Republic
t34 2013Jul 16-18 TUG
TUG 2013
Tokyo, Japan
e21 2013May 1-5 GUST
EuroBachoTeX 2013
Bachotek, Poland

t33 2012Jul 16-18 TUG
TUG 2012
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
e20, c6 2012Oct 8-12 NTG, DANTE
EuroTeX 2012 and the sixth ConTeXt meeting
Breskens, The Netherlands

t32 2011Oct 19-21 River Valley Technologies
TUG 2011
Kerala, India
c5 2011Sep 19-24 Fifth ConTeXT meeting Bassenge, Belgium
e19 2011Apr 29-May 3  GUST
EuroBachoTeX 2011
Bachotek, Poland

c4 2010Sep 13-18 Fourth ConTeXT meeting Brejlov (Prague), Czech Republic
t31 2010Jun 28-30 TUG
TUG 2010: TeX's 32nd anniversary (videos)
San Francisco, California, USA

2009Oct 17 GuIT 2009 (videos) Pisa, Italy
c3 2009Aug 31-Sep 4 Third ConTeXt meeting The Hague, The Netherlands
t30 2009Jul 28-31 University of Notre Dame
TUG 2009 (videos)
South Bend, Indiana, USA

2008Oct 18 GuIT 2008 Pisa, Italy
c2 2008Aug 20-25 Second ConTeXt meeting Bohinj, Slovenia
t29 2008Jul 21-24 University of Cork
TUG 2008: TeX's 30th Birthday (videos)
Cork, Ireland

2007Oct 13 GuIT 2007 (videos) Pisa, Italy
t28 2007Jul 17-20 TUG
TUG 2007: Practicing TeX (videos)
San Diego, California, USA
e17 2007Apr 28-May 2 CSTUG & GUST
EuroBachoTeX 2007
Bachotek, Poland
c1 2007Mar 24-25 First ConTeXt meeting Epen, The Netherlands

t27 2006Nov 9-11 TUGM
TUG 2006: Digital Typography and Electronic Publishing (tutorials Nov 7-8)
Marrakesh, Morocco
2006Oct 21 GuIT 2006 (videos) Pisa, Italy
t27a 2006Jul 30-Aug 1 Rutgers University
Practical TeX 2006 (videos);
LaTeX workshop Jul 25-28
New Jersey, USA
e16 2006Jul 5-8 MaTeX
A Hungarian TeX Rhapsody
Debrecen, Hungary

t26 2005Aug 23-25 CTUG
TUG 2005: International Typesetting Conference
Wuhan, China
t26a 2005Jun 14-17 Friday Center for Continuing Education
Practical TeX 2005
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
e15 2005Mar 7-11 GUTenberg
Let's TeX Together
Abbaye des Prémontrés, Pont-à-Mousson, France

t25 2004Aug 30-Sep 1 Greek TeX Friends & Democritus University of Thrace
TUG 2004: TeX in the era of XML and Unicode
Xanthi, Greece
t25a 2004Jul 19-22 TUG; Holiday Inn Fisherman's Wharf
Practical TeX 2004: Training and Techniques
San Francisco, California, USA

t24 2003Jul 20-24 Outrigger Waikoloa Resort, Hawaii
TUG 2003: Silver Anniversary of TeX
Big Island, Hawaii, USA
e14 2003Jun 24-27 Département Informatique - ENST
Back to Typography
Brest, Bretagne, France

t23 2002Sep 4-7 TUGIndia & TechnoPark
TUG 2002: Stand up and be proud of TeX!
Trivandrum, Kerala, India
e13 2002Apr 29-May 3 GUST; EuroTeX 2002 Bachotek, Poland

e12 2001Sep 24-27 NTG; EuroTeX 2001 Kerkrade, Netherlands
t22 2001Aug 12-16 University of Delaware
TUG 2001: A TeX Odyssey
Newark, Delaware, USA

t21 2000Aug 12-18 UKTUG; Wadham College
TUG 2000
Oxford, UK

e11 1999Sep 20-23 DANTE e.V; EuroTeX'99 Heidelberg, Germany
t20 1999Aug 15-19 University of British Columbia
TeX Online: Untangling the Web and TeX
Vancouver, BC, Canada

t19 1998Aug 17-21 GUST; Toruń University
Integrating TeX with the Surrounding World
Toruń, Poland
e10 1998Mar 28-29 GUTenberg; EuroTeX 98 St. Malo, France
t19a 1998Mar 21-24 TUG; Loews Hotel
TeX Northeast: LaTeX/TeX Now
New York, New York, USA

t18 1997Jul 27-31 University of San Francisco
TeX Comes Home
San Francisco, California, USA

t17 1996Jul 28-Aug 2 CyrTUG; Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Polutex = Polytechnic, Polymath, Polyglot
Dubna, Russia

e9 1995Sep 4-8 NTG; EuroTeX'95 proceedings Papendal, Arnhem, Netherlands
t16 1995Jul 24-28 TradeWinds Hotel; Real World TeX St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, USA

e8 1994Sep 26-30 GUST; EuroTeX 94 Sobieszewo, Gdansk, Poland
t15 1994Jul 31-Aug 4 University of California
Santa Barbara, California, USA

t14 1993Jul 26-30 Aston University
World Wide Window on TeX
Birmingham, UK

e7 1992Sep 14-18 CSTUG; EuroTeX 92 Prague, Czechoslovakia
t13 1992Jul 27-30 Benson Hotel
TeX in Context
Portland, Oregon, USA

e6 1991Sep 23-26 GUTenberg; EuroTeX 91 Paris, France
t12 1991Jul 15-18 Hilton Hotel
Inroads into Publishing:
Document Design, Production, and Interchange
Dedham, Massachusetts, USA

1990Sep 10-13
TUG; University College Cork
Cork, Ireland
t11 1990Jun 18-20
Texas A&M
Forward into the 90s
College Station, Texas, USA

e4 1989Sep 11-13 DANTE; EuroTeX 89 Univ of Karlsruhe, Germany
t10 1989Aug 21-23 Stanford University
Ten Years of TeX
and Metafont
Stanford, California, USA

t9 1988Aug 22-24 McGill University
Montreal, Québec, Canada
e3 1988Jul 18-20 UKTUG; EuroTeX 88: Applications, Uses, Methods Exeter, UK

t8 1987Aug 24-26 University of Washington
TeX for the Humanities; proceedings
Seattle, Washington, USA

t7 1986Jul 21-23 Tufts University Medford, Massachusetts, USA
e2 1986Jun 19-21 CNRS, SMF, Univ. Louis-Pasteur of Strasbourg
proceedings: TeX for Scientific Documentation, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 236, Springer Verlag, Jacques Désarménien, ed.
Strasbourg, France

t6 1985Aug 14-16
Stanford University
TUG Annual Meeting
Stanford, California, USA
e1 1985May 16-17 CNR, FAST, Mondaroi spa, UMI, Univ. of Milan
TeX for Scientific Documentation
Como, Italy

t5 1984Aug 15-17
Stanford University, USA
TUG Summer Meeting and
Book Design Short Course
Stanford, California, USA

t4 1983Jul 11-15 Stanford University
TUG Summer Meeting and
Introductory AMS-TeX82 Short Course
Stanford, California, USA

t3 1982Jul 25-30 Stanford University
TUG Summer Meeting
and TeX82 Short Course
Stanford, California, USA
t3a 1982Jan 11-12 Stouffer's Cincinnati Towers
TUG Winter Meeting
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

t2 1981May 14-15 Stanford University
TeX Implementors' Workshop
Stanford, California, USA
t2a 1981Jan 9 San Francisco Hilton
Board Meeting
San Francisco, California, USA

t1 1980Feb 22-23 Stanford University
TUG Organizational Meeting
Stanford, California, USA

We would like to thank Kaveh Bazargan for recording and posting videos of many TeX conferences over many years.

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