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Oi Fernando,

The command you are looking for is \href and not \hyperref, so


should work fine for what you are doing .... BUT .... I would like to argue
that this not the proper way to handle a link in the Bibliography, if you
would allow me. Let me list a few of the things that are wrong or are not
close to the best practice.

1- Displaing a string like:


is incomplete and is missing the "scheme" which is this case is: https://

2- One should not show an URL in a text -- it has no use, no purpose -- no
one should be made to type:


on a browser and if you want just to click you can click on a small piece
of text that describe the resource, like for example:

            ... the article "Infinite series on $p$-adic fields"...

If it is in bibliography you could place the link on top of the Title of
the resource.

3- URL are the underpinning of the Internet, as we use it, they are used by
browsers, viewers, apps, etc.... Displaying and URL in print is the same as
going around and showing your underwear.

4- You should almost never have to edit a BBL file. The proper way to enter
a link in a bibliography is by entering it on the BIB file as in:

@article {key,
    AUTHOR = {Camacho, César},
     TITLE = {Structural stability theorems for integrable differential
forms on {$3$}-manifolds},
   JOURNAL = {Topology},
  FJOURNAL = {Topology. An International Journal of Mathematics},
    VOLUME = {17},
      YEAR = {1978},
    NUMBER = {2},
     PAGES = {143--155},
       DOI = {10.1016/S0040-9383(78)90019-8},
       URL = {http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0040-9383(78)90019-8},

and then use a BIB style that has been hyper-ized, like "halpha", "hplain",
etc ... Not all place the link in the Title, but most of them do a better
job than editing a BBL file.

Paulo Ney

On Wed, Jan 29, 2020 at 7:36 AM Fernando Gouvea <fqgouvea at colby.edu> wrote:

> At one point in my text, I refer to an url using
>   \hyperref{http://www.sagemath.org}{www.sagemath.org}
> This does what it's supposed to do in a foo.tex file, but if I include the
> exact same command in foo.bbl, like this:
> \bibitem{KC-series}
> Keith Conrad.
> \newblock ``{I}nfinite series in $p$-adic fields''.
> \newblock Search for ``Keith Conrad expository'' or visit\\
>   \hyperref{
> http://kconrad.math.uconn.edu/blurbs/gradnumthy/infseriespadic.pdf}{
> kconrad.math.uconn.edu/blurbs/gradnumthy/infseriespadic.pdf}.
> it says
> Runaway argument?
> ! Paragraph ended before \hyper at link@ was complete.
> <to be read again>
>                    \par
> No text is printed and no hyperlink is set. Is there a way to create
> hyperlinks in the bibliography?
> Fernando
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