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Fernando Gouvea fqgouvea at colby.edu
Wed Jan 29 16:34:17 CET 2020

At one point in my text, I refer to an url using

> \hyperref{http://www.sagemath.org}{www.sagemath.org}
This does what it's supposed to do in a foo.tex file, but if I include 
the exact same command in foo.bbl, like this:

Keith Conrad.
\newblock ``{I}nfinite series in $p$-adic fields''.
\newblock Search for ``Keith Conrad expository'' or visit\\

it says

> Runaway argument?
> ! Paragraph ended before \hyper at link@ was complete.
> <to be read again>
>                    \par
No text is printed and no hyperlink is set. Is there a way to create 
hyperlinks in the bibliography?


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