[texhax] Alt text tags for accessibility

Brian Dunn bd at bdtechconcepts.com
Mon Feb 18 09:04:17 CET 2019

Some ideas regarding accessibility:

There are several new accessibility packages for LaTeX, as well as several
LaTeX to HTML converters.  For HTML it is expected that each graphics image
will have an alt tag, and they can be useful for PDF documents as well.
This could be accomplished by the addition of a key such as "alt={text}" for
\includegraphics, and perhaps also things such as tikzpicture, pstricks,
asymptote, xy, chemical diagrams, register / bytefield, and various other
graphics objects.

As a stopgap solution for HTML images, for the lwarp package I've added
an "alt" key for \includegraphics, as well as a "class" key.  Many other
graphics objects have been given HTML alt tags such as "<packagename>
diagram", but no provision is yet made for custom tags beyond
\includegraphics.  Nor for adding any of these tags to PDF output, which
would involve various package authors.

For inline and display math, lwarp sets the HTML alt tag to the LaTeX math
expression, but an override had to be provided because the expression may be
overly long, or include non-math objects.

Related packages: accsupp, axessibility, tagpdf


Brian Dunn
BD Tech Concepts LLC

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