[texhax] BachoTeX 2019 - call for papers

Jerzy.Ludwichowski Jerzy.Ludwichowski at gust.org.pl
Sun Feb 17 17:44:29 CET 2019

Dear TeX users and friends,

please find below the call for papers for BachoTeX 2019.

In short -- we await your presence and offers of presentations, articles,
workshops, tutorials etc.

The registration form is yet to be posted, please look out for a separate

--Jerzy Ludwichowski

***XXVIIth Conference of the Polish TeX Users Group---GUST

***TeX old but gold: the durability of typographic TeXnologies

The theme was inspired by a great anniversary---TeX turned 40 last year!

40 is a special number for many: 40 years (and more!) constitute ones 
life, married couples often specially celebrate 40 years of marriage, wines
aged 40 and more fetch great prices...

Hans Hagen came up with the idea of devoting a conference day to that
anniversary---we'd like to hear talks inspired, e.g., by the following:

   * why i never quit using TeX

   * TeX never let me down

   * why I fell in love with TeX

   * how TeX betrayed me

   * will I quit using TeX with retirement

   * aging makes TeX better

   * why I don't want to retire (from TeX)

   * it never gets better than this (which feels good)

We hope that the meeting of the world's most competent people in matters of
TeX and typography will result in interesting thoughts on the durability of
typographic technologies and---in particular---TeX itself (in all its
variants, i.e. eTeX, pdfTeX, LuaTeX, XeTeX and others).

The old but gold guy, as we all know, carries himself magnificently and is
active on many fronts. However, it seems that we don't know about all of his
strengths. One of those important activities is often hidden in the 
back office. This needs to be talked about, thus our appeal for lectures and
presentations on such topics.

* Papers/presentations.

Of course we also look forward to the normal mix of TeX, Metafont/Metapost
(please, do not forget the fonts!), ConTeXt, LaTeX, and friends related
presentations. We also do upkeep the BachoTeX trend in which we try to bring
together programmers and designers of typographic systems, typographers and
other users of such systems. The normal channel of offering papers is the
emailing of proposals to the Program Committee, but before rushing off 
to the
mailer, please consult the info for authors at the conference page (see

* Workshops and tutorials.

We look forward to proposals for TeX-related tutorials or introductions. If
you have suggestions for tutorials or workshops by others than yourself or
about specific topics, please let us know.

* Poster sessions.

As always at BachoTeX participants will be given the opportunity to present
their TeX and typographic results in the form of posters for which we 
exhibition space.

* Deadlines and addresses.

The deadline for ''regular'' abstracts and other proposals is March 24th 
The deadline for final papers to appear in the conference materials is April
14th. Contributions should be sent by email to the Program Committee:
     prog-2019 at gust.org.pl

The Program Committee is chaired by Bogusław Jackowski
(b_jackowski at gust.org.pl).

For other conference details and the registration form see:

See you at the Bachotek lake!

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