Update of siunitx went wrong (probably)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Nov 11 00:48:11 CET 2023

Hi Petra,

     If Karl informs us about the time when his rsync is running
     we could even be careful to take a break and not make any
     changes around that critical hour.

You don't need to change your procedures. It's all working fine, so far
as I've seen.

     (I guess it's at some time in the European evening, but do not
     know the exactly.)

But for the record, the main nightly rebuild starts at 01:40 CE(S)T.
(During the pretest, the subsequent branch rebuild starts at 03:20.)
I hope you're not usually doing a lot of editing at those hours :).

Typically each build takes around 45 minutes, though it can be longer,
hence the significant slop factor.

We chose those times to cooperate with your rsync of TL stuff from
tug.org at 5am CE(S)T (afaik), so that you will get the results of the
nightly rebuild very shortly after it is done, and we don't induce any
unnecessary delays.

It took a while to figure out all this timing, but I'm pretty sure it's
all about as good as it can be at this point ... --thanks, karl.

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