Update of siunitx went wrong (probably)

Petra Rübe-Pugliese petra at ctan.org
Fri Nov 10 16:46:02 CET 2023

Hello Jim,

On Fri 10 Nov 2023 at 10:57:51 -0400  Jim <zlists+texlive at jdvb.ca> wrote:
> If the catalog entry editing takes some time, then why are the files copied
> to the archive before that?  Given that (presumably) the file copy is
> pretty fast, would it not reduce the length of time spent in the "critical
> section" (an operating system reference which I hope most of you
> understand) to something very small, thus reducing the amount of time for
> which the files and the catalog entry are mis-matched.
> Perhaps there is a good reason for the order you pick, and if so I'd be
> happy if someone could enlighten me (just out of curiosity).

 We do not catalogue objects that are not there.

 Each Catalogue entry is checked, before being committed, by an
 automated checker, for formal errors and stale references.
 This would fail if the files were not already in place.

 Also, there are so many delays in the whole process, due to 
 periodic updating of the website and synchronization of mirrors,
 that the small delays caused by Catalogue editing seem negligeable,

 If Karl informs us about the time when his rsync is running
 we could even be careful to take a break and not make any
 changes around that critical hour.
 (I guess it's at some time in the European evening, but do not
 know the exactly.)

    Best regards,
       Petra   (from CTAN)

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