Update of siunitx went wrong (probably)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Nov 10 00:52:39 CET 2023

Hi Norbert and all,

(First: I think I've imported all the updates that happened while I was
offline. We'll see what happens tonight.)

    - but Karl has some (hidden?) way of seeing files being update on the
      CTAN server

Nothing hidden or special in this case. I simply have a cron job that
does rsync -av ... from ctan to tug, and work from the results of that.

    (2) CTAN team updates package in CTAN
    (3) CTAN team updates Catalogue information

As Petra explained, this is essentially always in sync nowadays.
(The situation is much better in this regard than it was N years ago.)

    Thus, we have introduced (5) that once a week (afair) checks all
    packages for stale catalogue versions.

This cron job actually runs on the 8th and 24th (randomly chosen by me,
as every week seemed unnecessarily often). The main purpose nowadays is
not so much dealing with Catalogue versions as with descriptions and
other fields, which can easily get updated without a new upload.  (CTAN
or I notice a typo, think of a new topic, etc.)

    Now, solutions solutions solutions

I think the best solution is "Karl remembers to turn off the Catalogue
sync before he goes away for several days around the 8th or 24th".
Happily, I have no more trips planned for the foreseeable future :). -k

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