TeXlive FreeBSD Port, distfile split-ups and licensing

Kurt Jaeger tex-live at opsec.eu
Mon Apr 10 09:56:16 CEST 2023


> > The author of the update to TeX Live 2023 wants to split the
> > distfile into several sub-distfiles to lessen the load on the
> > users that build TeX Live from the ports.
> Sounds like a good plan.
> > This has licensing implications and we need to find some
> > person that is able to comment on those implications.
> No need for licensing considerations, you can split as you like.

To be more precise: We would split the distfile and put the parts
on distcache.freebsd.org so that the ports will reference those
distfiles, not the original one.

Is that still OK ?

> I recommend splitting at *collection* levels, out of several reasons:
> - still a reasonable amount of packages (not too many)
> - guaranteed to be disjoint (no file in two collections)
> This is what I have done for Debian packaging about 15 years or so ago
> ;-)

Are those distfiles available somewhere ? Then maybe we can reference
those instead of doing our own splitting ?

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