TeXlive FreeBSD Port, distfile split-ups and licensing

Norbert Preining norbert at preining.info
Mon Apr 10 10:03:59 CEST 2023

Hi Kurt,

On Mon, 10 Apr 2023, Kurt Jaeger wrote:
> To be more precise: We would split the distfile and put the parts
> on distcache.freebsd.org so that the ports will reference those
> distfiles, not the original one.
> Is that still OK ?

There are some cases where you should not split certain files from each
other, but since in the end all would be distributed together, that is

Generally, TeX Live follows the Debian guidelines, that means you can
practically do whatever you want.

> Are those distfiles available somewhere ? Then maybe we can reference
> those instead of doing our own splitting ?

No. I wrote a script that collected all the files for each collection
and packaged them up. 

In Debian we have in fact only 4 *source* packages:
- texlive-bin: practically the source directory of svn
- texlive-base: the base collections
- texlive-extra: all the extra collections (like fontsextra etc) and
  some more
- texlive-lang: files for all the "language packs" (collection-langXXX)

>From that we do build about 40 *binary* packages, where each binary
package more or less matches with the original TeX Live collections.

I don't know how FreeBSD works, but from what you wrote:
- you can host your own *source* files
- you can build arbitrary binary packages from it (assumption of mine)
it sounds that this should be possible for you, too.

Hope that helps.

Last but not least, I **strongly** suggest continuing this discussion
	tldistro at tug.org
since this is the *best* place to discuss this topic. This mailing list
is for "upstream" TeX Live.

All the best


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