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Henri Menke henrimenke at
Fri May 22 00:36:33 CEST 2020

Dear all,

The licensing situation of pgf-pie is pretty unclear.  I have asked the
author about 3 years ago to clarify it, but it seems that the package
has been abandoned.

I haven't found anything about the MIT license anywhere, but the GitHub
repo contains a copy of the GPLv3

However, this is not the version that is present on CTAN and because
CTAN has this (sorry to be frank) stupid policy that packages can only
every be updated with explicit permission from the original author, it
is impossible to fork and update pgf-pie.  So we are stuck in a
situation where no explicit license has been given (the license *has* to
be bundled with the sources, anything else is null and void) and unfixed
bugs keep piling up.

Kind regards,

On 21/05/20, 14:54, Denis Bitouzé wrote:
> Le 21/05/20 à 13h54, Manfred Lotz a écrit :
> > Hi Denis,
> Hi Manfred,
> > Yes, this is true. Thanks for letting us know.
> You're welcome.
> > The problem is that the author did not mention the license in any of
> > the package files.
> I see.
> > I have added MIT as license and also added a remark in the description
> > to say where the license is mentioned. Please take a look if this is
> > good enough.
> Looks nice from my point of view but I'm not necessarily the best person
> to ask :)
> >> Since this license is considered as a free one at least on CTAN,
> >> wouldn't it be possible for TeX Live to include this package?
> >> 
> >
> > I don't know if this is sufficient for Karl.
> If it isn't sufficient for Karl, I'll try to reach the author to ask him
> to mention the license in one of the package's files.
> > Stay healthy!
> And the same for you! :)
> Best regards.
> -- 
> Denis

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