pgf-pie package

Karl Berry karl at
Sat May 23 01:00:54 CEST 2020

Hi Henri,

    CTAN has this (sorry to be frank) stupid policy that packages can only
    every be updated with explicit permission from the original author, 

As I understand it, the general policy is that for existing packages on
CTAN, only the author or designated uploader(s) can update it. And it's
not stupid, because previously some author(s) complained when "random"
third parties updated their packages out from under them. (It happened.)

But, there is an exception. With the LPPL, it is explicit: if an
original author is uncontactable for six months (plus other conditions,
but you get the idea), someone else can take over maintainership of the
package. CTAN will respect this sort of transfer. (It's happened.)

With all other free software licenses I know of, there is no explicit
transfer mechanism, anyone can release anything at any time. I would
argue (to CTAN :) that if the similar conditions as the LPPL are met,
it's reasonable to consider package XYZ as abandoned and thus to allow
someone else to take it over.

In the unlikely event that the original author (a) pops back up and (b)
has a problem with what has happened, it can always be reverted. My
experience that when work continues on an abandoned package, the
original author is pleased if he finds out about it down the road.

AFAIK, another option is to fork pgf-pie into a new package (why do you
say it is unforkable?), but that is a suboptimal outcome in my
view. There are far too many packages that are 95% the same as some
other package already.
    unfixed bugs keep piling up

If the maintainership can be resolved, do you want to take over pgf-pie?
Denis, do you? 

Have you either of you attempted to contact him recently?  I think
trying once more is indicated. ("If you don't reply, we will proceed
with updating per the GPL.") --thanks, karl.

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