pgf-pie package

Denis Bitouzé denis.bitouze at
Thu May 21 14:54:04 CEST 2020

Le 21/05/20 à 13h54, Manfred Lotz a écrit :

> Hi Denis,

Hi Manfred,

> Yes, this is true. Thanks for letting us know.

You're welcome.

> The problem is that the author did not mention the license in any of
> the package files.

I see.

> I have added MIT as license and also added a remark in the description
> to say where the license is mentioned. Please take a look if this is
> good enough.

Looks nice from my point of view but I'm not necessarily the best person
to ask :)

>> Since this license is considered as a free one at least on CTAN,
>> wouldn't it be possible for TeX Live to include this package?
> I don't know if this is sufficient for Karl.

If it isn't sufficient for Karl, I'll try to reach the author to ask him
to mention the license in one of the package's files.

> Stay healthy!

And the same for you! :)

Best regards.

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