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Philip TAYLOR Philip-and-LeKhanh at Royal-Tunbridge-Wells.Org
Wed Feb 18 12:42:45 CET 2009

T T wrote:

 > In all fairness we can't blame the user for following the given
 > advice. It clearly says:
 >  *Renaming it to "C:\Program1" would solve this problem*
 > Too bad that this will actually *CREATE* a problem. It's one of those
 > stupid ideas of M$, you know, how to give (un)helpful advice to the
 > user.

Well, yes and no.  If you look to see what Steve actually
did, he installed to C:\Program (not to C:\Program files
or to C:\TeX\Live or whatever).  Now having one directory
called C:\Program and another called C:\Program files
is indeed asking for trouble, so Microsoft's suggestion
to rename C:\Program to C:\Program1 wasn't entirely off
the wall ...  (Mind you, it will still be unclear to
many users as to whether C:\Program files or C:\Program1
will be accessible as C:\Progra~1 ... )

** Phil.

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