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Wed Feb 18 11:16:43 CET 2009

2009/2/18 Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at>:
> On Di, 17 Feb 2009, Steve MC Han wrote:
>> There is a file or folder on your computer called "C:\Program" which could cause certain applications to not function correctly. Renaming it to "C:\Program1" would solve this problem. Would you like to rename it now?
> Did you install to a directory with " " SPaces in the name like
>        C:Program and Foobar\texlive
> ?

This problem was already reported by Yue:


It would be useful if OP could send us the output from:

    install-tl.bat --version

I didn't have that problem with the lastest revisions.

>> I click yes and tried LaTex, then it no more woks.
> Well, you shouldn't have renamed it ... not very surprising. How do you
> think can the binaries be found when you move them around arbitrarily.

In all fairness we can't blame the user for following the given
advice. It clearly says:

 *Renaming it to "C:\Program1" would solve this problem*

Too bad that this will actually *CREATE* a problem. It's one of those
stupid ideas of M$, you know, how to give (un)helpful advice to the



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