[tex-live] tlpmgui on vista

Yule Wang yuleopen at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 10:37:00 CET 2007

> you renamed only name in Windows, but your home directory contains still 
> chinese characters. Windows joke 
> tlpmgui 1.75 report before starts about problem with TEMP. In my opinion 
> it's better way than during installation.
> You have to set TEMP environment variables to e.g C:\TEMP.
> IMHO ideas private Temp in path "C:\Documents & settings\user name\local 
> settings\sra ta ta\Temp" is stupid.

well, so that if the TEMP path contains some Asian characters, the TexLive
installer wont start. that's what I mean.

So I think that we should take more things into account. AFAIK, c:/windows/temp
 [the system's temp, not the computer user's temp] is good enough to put the
temp data there. 

And I also think that if the installer cannot find the TEMP directory, it can
ask the user to choose one directory to put the temp files. that's not hard.

in fact, many people do have a username like sra ta ta, and I do think it is
stupid(I just make one like this to test my program in some bad situation). 

but as far as our generous Mr. Gates allow us to set a non-english username, the
developers should care about this situation. 

again, it is never a good idea to teach the user to choose system information ->
advanced -> system environment -> set the TEMP like C:\TEMP, because it is the
developers' probelm, not the computer users.

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