[tex-live] tlpmgui on vista

Tomasz Łuczak tlu at technodat.com.pl
Fri Feb 9 11:53:34 CET 2007

Yule Wang wrote:
>> you renamed only name in Windows, but your home directory contains still 

>> chinese characters. Windows joke 
>> tlpmgui 1.75 report before starts about problem with TEMP. In my opinion 

>> it's better way than during installation.
>> You have to set TEMP environment variables to e.g C:\TEMP.
>> IMHO ideas private Temp in path "C:\Documents & settings\user name\local 

>> settings\sra ta ta\Temp" is stupid.

> well, so that if the TEMP path contains some Asian characters, the 
> installer wont start. that's what I mean.
In my opinion problem is encoding asian characters. Tcl use default UTF-8, 
probably asian are encoded in utf-16, I don't know.

> So I think that we should take more things into account. AFAIK, 
> c:/windows/temp [the system's temp, not the computer user's temp] is 
> good enough to put the temp data there. 

> And I also think that if the installer cannot find the TEMP directory, it 
> ask the user to choose one directory to put the temp files. that's not 
And type or select: C:\Document and settings\sra ta ta chinese chars\Local 

> in fact, many people do have a username like sra ta ta, and I do think it 
> stupid(I just make one like this to test my program in some bad 
> but as far as our generous Mr. Gates allow us to set a non-english 
username, the
> developers should care about this situation. 

> again, it is never a good idea to teach the user to choose system 
information ->
> advanced -> system environment -> set the TEMP like C:\TEMP, because it 
is the
> developers' probelm, not the computer users.
tlpmgui use %TEMP% and next evaluate whether is able to use this path.
MS has no respect to own clients and provide not good tested or stupid 
solution. eg.:
USERHOME=C:\Documents and Settings\non english username
TEMP=%USERHOME%\Local settings\temp
C:\Program Files\...
To run program, tlpmgui has to distinguish between:
"name with spaces.exe" and name_without_spaces.exe

I'm sorry but I'm user WinXP Polish and English edition only and I have not 
possibility test tlpmgui on Chinese, Japanese, Slovakian, Russian, Spanish, 
German, French, Dutch, Portugese, Greek, Italian or other European, Asian, 
African etc. edition of Windows. It's impossible. 
I and tlpmgui team expect tests by TeX community, but not two days before 
sending image to production.

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