[tex-live] TL-2006

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Thu Nov 24 05:37:38 CET 2005

unfortunately I did run install-tl.sh first after TL-2005 had been
frozen, so here are some suggestions for TL-2006:

The main menu has 3 (too narrow) columns.  There are some items which
are quite unclear, for instance

[X] PostScript and Tr
[X] Support for publi
[ ] Win32 support pro

On the other hand, about 1/3 of the menu items are 

[X] <language> docume[...]

My suggestion is to remove the latter from the main menu and add it to
the language collections.

Then the main menu then needs only two columns.

As far as "<language> documentation" is concerned, I don't think that
it makes sense to install support for a particular language without

If disk space doesn't matter, people can install the whole TL.  On the
other hand, if disk space matters, it makes more sense to install only
packages for languages people need and it is quite unlikely that
someone wants support for Vietnamse but not lshort-vi.pdf.

Also, there are some menu items

[ ] Ghostscript for W
[ ] Perl for Windows
[ ] Win32 support pro

They can be removed by install-tl.sh (sed -e /Win/d).

When install-tl.sh has done its work it asks to set PATH.  I think
that it should ask to set MANPATH and INFOPATH properly as well.  And
it makes sense to add a whatis(1) database to TL.  It is quite
difficult for a user to run makewhatis(1) if the man pages are on a
read-only file system.

There had been a discussion about initex on the teTeX list.  If
MANPATH is set properly and the whatis database is up-to-date,
"apropos initex" will point people to tex(1).

I must admit that the current behaviour of makewhatis is quite
useless but it is not a big problem to use a modified version for TL:
Instead of

 tex, virtex, initex (1) - text formatting and typesetting

"apropos initex" should provide:

 tex, virtex, initex: tex(1) - text formatting and typesetting

makewhatis is a shell script, so it is not a big deal to change it.

When I use getnonfreefonts(1) to install mathdesign, pdftex complains
about duplicate entries in pdftex.map for md-chb7m, md-chb7t, and

pdftex.map looks like:

md-chb7m MathDesign-CH-Bold-MathItalic-10 <md-chb7m.pfb
md-chb7m ?????? <md-chb7m.pfb
md-chb7t MathDesign-CH-Bold-OT1-10 <md-chb7t.pfb
md-chb7t ?????? <md-chb7t.pfb
md-chb7y MathDesign-CH-Bold-Symbol-10 <md-chb7y.pfb
md-chb7y ?????? <md-chb7y.pfb

The "??????" entries come from TL though TL doesn't provide mathdesign
at all.  The easiest way to avoid this problem is to provide a recent
version of mathdesign.


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