[tex-live] TL-2006

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Nov 24 19:37:33 CET 2005

Hi Reinhard,

    The main menu has 3 (too narrow) columns.  There are some items which
    are quite unclear, for instance

There are many things I'd change about the Unix installer, but it seems
there are always higher-priority things that must be done.  If you or
anyone would like to spend some time on it, by all means.  Your
suggestions about the various packages and columns sound reasonable to

    it is quite unlikely that someone wants support for Vietnamse but
    not lshort-vi.pdf.

I suppose, but I don't see a big reason to preclude the option for users
unfortunate enough to be short on disk space, that is, to absolutely
force installation of all LL documentation for a language LL.

    it makes sense to add a whatis(1) database to TL.  It is quite

Sure.  As above.

    "apropos initex" will point people to tex(1).

Which is wrong in itself, per the recent thread.  The man pages could
certainly use plenty of work and updating.  Again, I fear it's not
something that's likely to ever get to the top of my list.  (Let alone
hacking makewhatis.)

    md-chb7m ?????? <md-chb7m.pfb

Hmm, I'll have to investigate where those bad entries came from.  Yes,
including the mathdesign fonts next year sounds good.


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