[tex-live] texlive 8

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Feb 5 09:19:05 CET 2003

    demonstration purposes.

That's a good point.

Following on Kaja's idea, let me throw this into the ring: what if we
don't try to combine the "live" system and the "installable" system into
one.  Instead, we work on the installable system.  Then, separately,
someone can use the installable system to produce a demo system (i.e.,
fits on a cd), and is cut separately.  Thus, the demo cd image would be
available, but it would have nothing to do with the main distribution.

Separation of tasks and all that.

(For TUG's purposes, I think I would propose that we distribute only the
installable system as a "standard" benefit, and let people buy the
demo/live cd separately, based on my hunch that almost everyone just
does an install to disk.)

If we do go this route (bzip2'ing everything), do we still need the dvd or
will everything fit on a cd (or two) again?

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