License to distribute your arabtex package sought

Arthur Ogawa
Fri, 02 Jul 1999 13:15:37 -0700

Klaus Lagally wrote:

> I have no general objections against redistributing the package, even for
> profit; but I wish to keep informed, and also I want to keep control on
> the contents distributed under the name of the package, in order to protect
> my reputation :-)

I suggest that you put your package under the LPPL, because that license will
allow you to control what is distributed. (May I point out that your concerns
coincide with LaTeX-Project in that respect?)

As for keeping informed, I think it reasonable that any author of a package
distributed with TeX Live ought to at least receive a copy of the CD gratis,
both as a sign of appreciation and as a means of quality control.

> P.S. Please try to get a complete new minor version (3.09 to appear within
> a few weeks); the present version 3.08i on CTAN has too many patches.

Thanks for the notice! Please keep us informed as to your release: The TeX Live master will be frozen quite shortly, and
if your new revision is released in time, it can be included, of course.