Fwd: License to distribute your arabtex package sought

Barbara Beeton bnb@ams.org
Fri, 02 Jul 1999 16:49:23 -0400 (EDT)

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klaus lagally responded with this in his answer to art re the
licensing of arabtex:

    I have no general objections against redistributing the package, even for
    profit; but I wish to keep informed, and also I want to keep control on
    the contents distributed under the name of the package, in order to protect
    my reputation :-)

this is very similar to the ams position.
it can be pointed out to klaus that the lppl does restrict changes
to anything distributed under the particular name; this corresponds
to the strings that knuth attached to the names tex and metafont,
for the same reason.  what the lppl doesn't do is provide a way to
keep informed automatically -- actually, i'd like to see that become
a "requested option", but i guess that's a vain hope.

if it would be of any help for me to write to klaus as representing
the ams point of view (we've accepted the lppl), i'm willing to do so.
							-- bb