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Thank you very much for considering making a donation! On the form below, you can make a general donation to TUG, or earmark your contribution for a specific TUG activity (or both :). If you have any questions or suggestions about donating to TUG, or would like to make an in-kind donation, please contact the TUG office. Thanks to all our past donors.

Donations generally qualify for the income tax charitable deduction in the United States, and perhaps in other countries. TUG's tax ID number is 22-2868942. More details on TUG's tax-exempt charitable status.

You can donate via the form below or via our development-specific donation page, which allows for donations to certain projects via European bank transfer. (Thanks to the Dutch TeX user group (NTG) for providing this alternative.)

“General TUG contributions” can be used for any purpose, at TUG's discretion. This includes but is not limited to the specific project donations; for example, they can also help toward our overhead. Use of general donations is ultimately approved by the TUG board as part of the budget. In contrast, donations to the specific projects are 100% dedicated to those projects and never used for any other purpose. TUG takes no portion of project donations for overhead costs.

Of course donations are very welcome, but if you like, you can join TUG instead of making a donation; there are some benefits.

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$   EduTeX contribution
$   GUST e-foundry fonts contribution
$   LaTeX Project contribution
$   Libre Font Fund contribution
$   LuaTeX contribution
$   MacTeX contribution
$   PDF Accessibility contribution

If you're interested in a small gift as a thank you for your donation, please let us know in the comments field at the bottom of this form. (Any tax deduction must be reduced by the value of the gift. We'll let you know the exact value, but it will be less than $10 in any case.)

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