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List of pstricks packages
Nearly all packages are available on CTAN:
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pstricks The basic PSTricks package
pst-3d PSTricks package for basic 3D operations Doc (PDF)
pst-3dplot Three dimensional plots Doc (PDF)
pst-2dplot Matlab compatible plots
pstricks-add Additional macros for pstricks/pst-node/pst-plot Doc (PDF)
pst-abspos Putting Objects at absolute Coordinates
pst-am Modulation and demodulation Doc (PDF)
pst-asr Linguistic: autosegmental representations Doc (PDF)
pst-bar PSTricks package for bar charts
pst-barcode PSTricks package for printing barcodes Doc (PDF)
pst-blur PSTricks package for "blurred" shadows Doc (PDF)
pst-bspline Cubic Bsplines and interpolations
pst-calendar Calendras as tabular or on a dodecaeder Doc (PDF)
pst-circ PSTricks package for electrical circuits Doc (PDF)
pst-coil PSTricks package for drawing coils Doc (PDF)
pst-cox Drawing regular complex polytopes
pst-dbicons PSTricks package for data base structures (entity relation ships) doc
pst-electricfield Plotting electric fields and equipotential lines of charges Doc (PDF)
pst-eps PSTricks package to save environments as eps file Doc (PDF)
pst-eucl Geometrie for LaTeX with PSTricks Doc (PDF)
pst-exa creating code and output with the script pst2pdf
pst-fill PSTricks package for filling
pst-fr3d Three dimensional framed Boxes Doc (PDF)
pst-fractal PSTricks package for fractals Doc (PDF)
pst-fun Plotting special funny images Doc (PDF)
pst-func Plotting special math functions Doc (PDF)
pst-gantt Plotting Gantt charts Doc (PDF)
pst-geo PSTricks package for Geographical Objects Doc (PDF)
pst-gr3d PSTricks package for 3D grids Doc (PDF)
pst-grad PSTricks package for gradient colors Doc (PDF)
pst-infixplot PSTricks package for math expressions in algebraic notation
pst-jtree typesetting of trees that are common in linguistics
pst-knot Knots Doc (PDF)
pst-labo drawing various assemblies of chemical objects Doc (PDF)
pst-layout special paper formats Doc (PDF)
pst-lens Using a lens to magnify parts of a text or a graphic Doc (PDF)
pst-light3d PSTricks package for 3d light effects Doc (PDF)
pst-magneticfield Plotting magnetic fields of coils Doc (PDF)
pst-math PSTricks package for extended mathematical operators
pst-mirror Objects on a sperical mirror Doc (PDF)
pst-node Nodes and connections Doc (PDF)
pst-ob3d A PSTricks package for three dimensional basic objects
pst-optexp Experimental optical systems with PSTricks
pst-optic Optical systems with PSTricks Doc (PDF)
pst-osci Oscilloscopes with PSTricks Doc (PDF)
pst-pad drawing attachment mechanisms
pst-pdf PostScript into PDF
pst-pdgr Macros for plotting medical pedigrees
pst-platon The Platonic solids Doc (PDF)
pst-plot Macros for plotting functions and data records Doc (PDF)
pst-poly Polygons with PSTricks
pst-qtree PSTricks package for q-trees
pst-sigsys Signal processing
pst-slpe Improved gradient fills
pst-solides3d three dimensional objects in central projection Doc (PDF)
pst-soroban PSTricks package for the japanese abacus Doc (PDF)
pst-stru Draw structural schemes in civil engineering analysis Doc (PDF)
pst-text PSTricks package for manipulating text
pst-support Tools for Distiller and TeXnicCenter
pst-tree PSTricks package for trees
pst-uml draw easily diagrams with UML notation Author's Home
pst-vue3d Three dimensional views Doc (PDF)
bclogo Special logos Doc (PDF)
vaucanson-g drawing automata Doc (PDF)
Packages depending on PSTricks
bardiag draw bar diagrams doc (.ps)
dbicons ER-diagrams
euklides Euclidean geometry drawing language
gastex Graphs and Automata Simplified
JasTeX GUI written in Java for GasTeX
makeplot Plotting exported data records from Mathlab
multido PSTricks package for multiple operations
prerex Prerequisite charts
psgo draw Go diagrams
RRGtree Linguistic tree diagrams for Role and Reference Grammar (RRG)
spectrum fancy spectral coloring
sfg drawing signal flow graphs
synproof syntactical diagrams
uml another package to draw UML diagrams
Other useful packages
Sketch A 3D Scene Description Translator
psMath The PSMath Figure Tool Homepage
fig2pstricks fig to pstricks converter
pscol Converts color format of (.ps, .eps) from RGB to grey-levels or CMYK
showexpl Shows code and output side by side or above each other
xcolor Driver-independent color extensions
pst-pdf PostScript into PDF scripts

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