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Re: Mathematica symbol fonts (mmaptm)

> I've put up the whole thing (which I've called mmaptm) at 
>   http://www.thphy.uni-duesseldorf.de/~vieth/src/mmaptm.tar.gz
> It includes the necessary fontinst stuff and the resulting TFM, PL,
> and VF files, but not the AFM or PFA files which are presumably
> subject to the Mathematica 3.0 license.

After noticing a comment by someone at Wolfram support on c.t.t
I was lead to


where you find the comment

> We've made a new version of these fonts available at the following URL.
> ftp://mathsource.wolfram.com/pub/outgoing/Support/30fonts/Type1/MathT1.tar.Z

I *assume* these are the same fonts (the tar file has not finished
arriving yet:-) If Wolfram are making these available by ftp it
seems there should be no problems using these fonts, but still need to
check the small print...