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Re: Mathematica symbol fonts (mmaptm)

> very interesting. What you could do in order to distribute something
> legal yet viewable;-) is to make PS files including  only bitmaps for
> the MMA fonts (for instance at 300 dpi) dvips -V does this. Not very
> satisfactory but that can help. We have a Mathematica here, but i
> don't know on which computer & if the fonts will be in the right
> format. 

Incidenty, I was just browsing the Mathematca FAQ pages Wolfram's WWW
site and found a page at 


which offers an URL for downloading an archive containing all the 
Mathematica Type1 fonts in PFA format (AFM files not included) from


Don't ask me about who _may_ legally download the stuff, but it
appears that anyone _can_ do so, if you are clever enough to find it.

Hope this helps.
Cheers, Ulrik.