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Re: Mathematica symbol fonts (mmaptm)

> After noticing a comment by someone at Wolfram support on c.t.t
> I was lead to

> http://www.wolfram.com/support/Systems/All/ManualFontDownload.html

> where you find the comment

>> We've made a new version of these fonts available at the following URL.
>> ftp://mathsource.wolfram.com/pub/outgoing/Support/30fonts/Type1/MathT1.tar.Z

> I *assume* these are the same fonts (the tar file has not finished
> arriving yet:-) If Wolfram are making these available by ftp it
> seems there should be no problems using these fonts, but still need to
> check the small print...

Actually these fonts are somewhat newer than those distributed along
with Mathematica 3.0.  Moreover, the encoding vector in the PFA files
now uses proper symbol names (not quite the same that I was using.
Unfortunately, they still do not provide the correponding revised AFM
files, but perhaps there are ways to regenerate them from PFA files?

Another intersting comment on one of the Wolfram pages was that they
were preparing a ``Mathematica Font Kit'' for release later this year.
I'm not sure if this means that they intend to make it a free product
like their stand-alone MathReader, but if so it would certainly be
nice for use.

Cheers, Ulrik.