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New symbols

Here is a list of new symbols that *could* be included in the new encoding.
Any comments are welcome. If you happen to know that some of the symbols
are very much need, please say so. If you know where th metafont code can
be found please say so. If you know of some fonts that actually have them
please say so.

\section{A non classified list of extra symbols}

The following symbols should be added in the mathfonts. Some have
already been designed by various people, so it should be possible to
find them...

\subsection{Geometrics: 21}
  \item Extendable sqcap $\sqcap$ \texttt{bigsqcap}
  \item Two sized $\bigcirc$ with $\vee$ inside.  $\bigcirc
    \!\!\!\!\!\vee$ proposed name: ovee.
  \item Two sized $\bigcirc$ with $\wedge$ inside.  $\bigcirc
    \!\!\!\!\!\wedge$ proposed name owedge.
  \item Dijkstra choice: $[\!]$
  \item Semantic brakets $[\![$ and $]\!]$ must be extensible.
  \item More ?
  \item alan J wrote:\\ \verb=\arrownot and \Arrownot, so that for
    example= \\ \verb= \arrownot\mapsto is visually compatible with
    \nrightarrow.= \\ \textit{That is not very clear to me.}
  \item Alan: Add the `building blocks' for the AMS negated relations,
    for example a \verb|\arrownot| to build \verb|\nlongrightarrow|
    and \verb|\nrightarrowfill|.

  \item Don't forget the ams smaller or equal and greater or equal.

  \item The following ones come from Alan J's personal wishes:
  \item General parallel \texttt{\string\bigparallel}
  \item Interleaving $|\!|\!|$
    [bb: I'm not sure about the spacing or meaning but we've had
    requests for triple verts as delimiters.]
  \item General interleaving \string\biginterleaving
  \item Linear is implied by if o-- and o--o [bb: There are also
    versions of these with filled-in circles.]
  \item The building blocks to make \cn{mapsfrom} $<\!\!-\!|$
    \cn{Mapsto} $|\!=\!>$ and \cn{Mapsfrom} $<\!=\!\!|$
  \item Lfloor, Rfloor, Lceil, Rceil like $\lfloor\!\lfloor$
  \item Arrows with triangles on the end.
    $$<\!\!\!|\!\!-\!\!-,\ -\!\!-\!\!|\!\!\!>,\ <\!\!\!|\!\!-\!\!-|\!\!\!>$$
  \item Equals like symbol: $<\!--\!>$ with $==$ underneath.
  \item A `U' with a dot in it, and an upside down `U' with a dot in
    it.  Something like: $\bigcup\!\!\!\!\cdot$\ \ and
  \item From JMR: something like this: $\raise .1cm \hbox{$|$}\!\_$
    maybe the same upside down.
  \item From JMR: Something like this: $\_\!\raise .1cm \hbox{$|$}$
    maybe the same upside down.
  \item More ?

\subsection{Non geometrics: 19}

  \item The double circled integral, or the surface integral for
  \item A single integral with on top a $\Sigma$:
    $\displaystyle\int\!\!\!\!\!\!\textstyle\Sigma$ (J\"org)
  \item A single integral with a slanted dash:
  \item A triple, circled integral.

  \item Possibly something like $\bar($ and $\bar)$ if the bar was
    touching, maybe called banana brackets.
  \item With and par (ampersand and inverted ampersand) as operators
    -- linear logic. Put in the core symbols.  \footnote{With is just
      \&, par (oops, we cannnot say \texttt{\string par} to it, should
      it be \texttt{\string\htiw}?)  is \string\with{} rotated 180
      degrees. The St. Mary Road font includes samples of them, in a
      line-drawing style. Since I have not seen them in real use, I
      cannot comment, if this style or rather the look of \& in cmr is

  \item lightning (wasy) --- I don't think this belongs in maths.
  \item Multi set brackets $\{|$ and $|\}$
  \item A nice powerset symbol:
  \item Upright partial derivation sign. In the greek like stuff.
  \item Arabic letter dal: looks something like a back to front $c$.
    This should live with the Hebrew letters.
  \item Remember that message forwarded by Joerg. The V-bar, and the
    parenthesis-bar. jvpurcel@vela.acs.oakland.edu. The V-bar is in
    with the latin like stuff.
  \item Katakana character that looks like a spiral. (bb)
  \item Here is a proposal from J\"org: Mylona's and whitney's
    ligatures: two extra symbs. These would come in italic, and
    upright like the rest of the greek stuff. J"org himself does not
    like this.  [bb: But we're not talking about text! Why put these
    in a math font?]  It now looks as though this is not going to be
    included in the new math encoding.

  \item A sigma with a long tail that goes a little bit below the

  \item Must not forget the three versions of the \# hash sign. I
    believe some are geometric, and some aren't.

  \item large operator symbols based on ampersand, asterisk, and pound
  \item An \cn{inviota} is sometimes requested on the net. I'll send
    you a reference file for it. (Joerg)
  \item {\tt Point 43. Unicode contains another style of brackets,
      they call them tortoise shell brackets. They look like\\
      \verb+/ \+\\ \verb+| |+\\ \verb+\ /+\\ }

  \item More ?