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more info

as an answer to Martin Ward

Yes there will be new symbols. Input is needed foe them. They can't just
be invented !

To see why it is important to have the same set of design sizes for
all the fonts, try typesetting a \Huge \Longrightarrow in standard
LaTeX. The \Longrightarrow is composed of an = (from cmr) and a
short arrow => (from cmsy). At size \Huge the = comes from cmr17
but the => comes from a scaled cmsy10, and the two symbols don't
line up properly. I fixed this by creating cmsy12 and cmsy17 from
the Sauter Metafont files.

The whole idea of a new encoding, is to correct that sort of problem,
by providing glyphs that have a purpose. (ei: arrow construction) And are
not used in a hackers way.

Don't mis understand me, that is not the only motivation.

 maybe you should sent out the update of your document about the
reasons of this job on the new encoding. I see you have already sent that
one. I think you have an other one that might be of some interest, so that
people understand what we are looking for.