[Xy-pic] "Dimension too large" (was: question regarding xy-pic)

Frank Drewes drewes at cs.umu.se
Mon Jul 13 10:14:11 CEST 2009

Hi Kris,

Thanks for the quick answer. Unfortunately, I have very little  
experience with xy-pic. Stupid question: where are the .xyc files?  
There do not seem to be any.

I will try to extract a smaller example from the sources and send  
around it (or maybe the solution, if I happen to stumble across one).


13 jul 2009 kl. 01.01 skrev Kristoffer H Rose:

> Dear Frank,
> No, I have not seen this before.  Did you remove all the temporay  
> (.xyc) files?  Perhaps someone else on the list?  (I go on vacation  
> and will not be able to try your example for a week or two.)
> Have anyone else on the list experienced this problem?
> Best regards,
>         Kris
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> Subject
> question regarding xy-pic
> Dear Kristoffer,
> I wonder whether you might be able to give me a hint. I am  
> currently compiling a collection of articles into a book. One of  
> the contributions uses xy-pic. Unfortunately, it does not compile  
> on my system, although it does on theirs. LaTeX complains about a  
> dimension which is too large:
> <xymatrix 2x1 51> <xymatrix 10x1 290> <xymatrix 15x5
> ! Dimension too large.
> <recently read> \R at c
> l.79 }
> The problem occurs when the authors draw arrows between previously  
> created frames, but the dimensions do not appear to be very large  
> at all. Have you ever experienced something like this, and do you  
> know how it can be avoided?
> Grateful for any type of help,
> Frank Drewes
> PS: If you think it may help, I can send you the sources.

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