[Xy-pic] "Dimension too large" (was: question regarding xy-pic)

Kristoffer H Rose krisrose at us.ibm.com
Mon Jul 13 01:01:56 CEST 2009

Dear Frank,

No, I have not seen this before.  Did you remove all the temporay (.xyc) 
files?  Perhaps someone else on the list?  (I go on vacation and will not 
be able to try your example for a week or two.)

Have anyone else on the list experienced this problem?

Best regards,

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Frank Drewes <drewes at cs.umu.se> 
07/12/2009 06:14 PM

krisrose at tug.org

question regarding xy-pic

Dear Kristoffer,

I wonder whether you might be able to give me a hint. I am currently 
compiling a collection of articles into a book. One of the contributions 
uses xy-pic. Unfortunately, it does not compile on my system, although it 
does on theirs. LaTeX complains about a dimension which is too large:

<xymatrix 2x1 51> <xymatrix 10x1 290> <xymatrix 15x5
! Dimension too large.
<recently read> \R at c 
l.79 }

The problem occurs when the authors draw arrows between previously created 
frames, but the dimensions do not appear to be very large at all. Have you 
ever experienced something like this, and do you know how it can be 

Grateful for any type of help,
Frank Drewes

PS: If you think it may help, I can send you the sources.
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