[Xy-pic] curved arrows and non-rectangular shapes

Stefan Fink stefan.fink at hanse.net
Sat Nov 15 11:30:47 CET 2003

Hi Ross,

thanks for the quick fix. I just reported the availabilty of this patch 
to the Debian maintainers, since it's the distribution I use. Hopefully, 
it will be integrated soon.

Greetings, Stefan.

>Hello Stefan,
>Thanks for the useful example, which has helped to pin-point
>the bug, which has be suspected for some time.
>The problem was due to the edge-type of the target node
>being ignored when computing the spline-parameter value
>of the edge-point along the curve, thus resulting in an
>incorrect value being used.
>Two small edits within  xycurve.tex  are sufficient
>to patch the code to work correctly.
>The (tar, gzip'd) archive:
>   http://www-texdev.ics.mq.edu.au/xypic/xymods.tgz
>contains a corrected version of xycurve.tex
>along with various other corrections to Xy-pic that
>have been discovered since the 3.7 release.
>(including those you mention below).

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