Y&Y's DVIWindo Previewer

A Component of the Y&Y TeX System

  • The only application of any kind that provides for on the fly reencoding of scalable outline fonts while using Adobe Type Manager

  • Makes unencoded characters accessible --- and allows arbitrary character layouts in text fonts --- without physically altering the fonts' outline and Windows metrics files

  • Uses only scalable outline fonts (Adobe Type 1 or TrueType); does not require bitmaps. Previewed documents can contain arbitrary fonts, not just Computer Modern

  • Displays documents at any desired magnification

  • Prints to any device that has a Windows printer driver, including HP, IBM, dot-matrix and PostScript printers, even fax boards and Acrobat PDF Writer.

  • Uses the standard Windows graphical user interface

  • Copies regions to the Windows Clipboard for pasting into other Windows applications --- in Windows Metafile (WMF) format, not as bitmaps

Power Features

  • Built-in "TeX Menu" integrates all of the Y&Y TeX modules, including DVIPSONE, Y&Y TeX itself and the editor. This menu is fully customizable --- you can call any Windows program, console application, or DOS program from it.

  • Supports the twelve most popular \special's for figure inclusion

  • Supports insertion of images in TIFF and WMF format, using \special

  • Displays WMFs, and TIFFs that have EPSF or EPSI preview headers in EPS files

  • Supports colored text and rules and reverse video, using \special

  • Supports the TPIC \specials for device-independent graphics

  • Provides \special's for hypertext linkage --- even to launch other applications

  • Creates AFM and TFM files for any scalable outline font in Windows

  • Provides text-string search, 2-page "spreads," and "greyed text"

  • Notices when the DVI file has changed and redisplays automatically

  • Preserves user preferences, graphical specification of zoom area

  • Accommodates multiple instances loaded simultaneously to view different documents

  • Displays a list of fonts used, as well as maps of character sets for all fonts

  • Supports color coding of text in different fonts

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Limited-Resolution Screen Shot

DVIWindo Screen Shot