Y&Y's DVIPSONE Optimized PostScript Driver

A Component of the Y&Y TeX System

  • Produces resolution-independent, page-independent PostScript (PS) output from TeX DVI files

  • Built from the ground up to use Adobe Type 1 outline fonts (in ATM-compatible form). Support for scalable fonts is not an add-on to a basically bitmap-font oriented design. Information is available on the Adobe Enterprise Technical support Center site.

  • The first application providing partial font downloading to greatly reduce PostScript file size, time required to print, and use of printer virtual memory (particularly important when using TeX, since TeX likes to use many fonts)

  • Supports on the fly reencoding of outline fonts during output. Permits rearrangement of character set layouts and makes unencoded characters accessible

  • Service bureaus printing its PS output need not be knowledgeable about TeX or DVI files, and need not have access to high-resolution bitmap fonts

Power Features

  • Can use the Computer Modern outline fonts, printer resident fonts, or any of over 2300 fonts in the Adobe font library --- in fact, any of over 90,000 fonts now available in Type 1 format

  • Does not require font metric files, since it obtains metric information directly from the outline font file

  • Output can go, without alteration, to any PS device --- a high-resolution imagesetter as well as a low-resolution laser printer

  • Does not approximate coordinates (such as rounding to the nearest device pixel position) in output, so positioning of characters and rules is as accurate as the output device allows

  • Pages can be arbitrarily permuted, and can be removed from the output stream without affecting the integrity of the PS print job (important for page imposition software)

  • Supports the twelve most popular schemes for inclusion of illustrations in Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) form

  • Supports TPIC \specials for device-independent graphics

  • Supplied with AFMtoTFM, a utility program that produces TeX font metric files (TFMs) from Adobe font metric files (AFMs)

  • Also supplied with PKtoPS, which makes Adobe Type 3 fonts from TeX bitmap fonts (PK files) --- in case you need a font that is not yet available in outline form

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