TUG 2018 - Conference Registration

TUG 2018 conference: July 20-22, 2018
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

To reserve a place in the TeX training workshop on July 19, please email paulo@berkeley.edu. It is not necessary to submit this form, or attend the conference, if you only want to participate in the workshops.

Please fill out and submit the form below to register for the conference. Refund policy: Full refund of any payments if cancellation request is received before May 1, 2018; 50% refund if before May 15; no refunds after May 15.

Registration form

All amounts in US dollars; credit cards will be charged in USD.

Conference registration fee: (choose one)
If more than one rate applies, feel free to choose the least expensive.
   I'm a member of a TeX user group. (Any listed user group qualifies. If not TUG, please indicate your group in the comments field below.) $150
   I'm not a user group member.
Any participant not already a user group member receives a complimentary TUG membership for the rest of the year.
   I'm a speaker. $125
   I'm a student. $25
   I'm attending just one day. (Please specify which day in comment field below.) $40
   Donation only. (Enter amount below, and thanks!)
Banquet, Saturday July 21 (evening):
Banquet cost is not included in the registration.
   Number in your party attending banquet:
    @ $60 per guest =
Excursion to Sugarloaf Mountain, Sunday July 22 (afternoon into evening):
Excursion cost is not included in the registration.
   Number in your party participating in the excursion, per category:
    @ $50 per non-local adult (ages 21-59); subtotal =
    @ $25 per non-local youth or senior (ages <21 or >59); subtotal = $
    @ $15 per local (Brazilian) adult (ages 21-59); subtotal = $
    @ $7 per local (Brazilian) youth or senior (ages <21 or >59); subtotal = $
  More details: for non-locals, passport or BR-Id is required;
for locals, BR-Id and either proof of residence or birth certificate is required;
all children ages 0-5 can come along at no cost and no passport or birth certificate required.
Voluntary donations:
Donations are generally fully tax deductible, at least in the USA. More info and donations.
   General TUG contribution $
   Conference contribution $
Total (conference + banquet + excursion + donations)
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Please fill out all relevant fields. Please put any additional information or requests in the comments field at the bottom, including whether you plan to attend the R+knitr or TeX training workshop. (Required fields are in bold.)

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Problems or questions?

If you have any questions or difficulties submitting this form, please contact the conference organizers at by email or via paper mail, phone, or fax.

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