Acquiring TeX Live as an ISO image

For normal use we recommend installing TeX Live over the Internet, but if you want to burn your own DVD, you can get our huge ISO image. It is around 6GB (md5, sha512 checksums; sha512 signature, signing key). You can:

To mount the image to make the contents available for installation or browsing, a typical invocation on Unix is:
mount -t iso9660 -o ro,loop,noauto /your/texlive.iso /mnt

On Windows versions 8 and later, you can open an ISO by double-clicking it in Explorer. On Windows 7, you'll need a third-party tool such as WinCDEmu. You'll find the Windows installer file ‘install-tl-windows.bat’ in the root of the virtual DVD.

After mounting the image, to install TeX Live, follow the installation instructions or read the documentation.

The ISO image is not updated after release, so that it can serve as a stable marker in TeX development.

Sources: the ISO includes the complete sources in the source/ subdirectory, corresponding to Master/source in the repository.

Acquiring the ISO using the torrent network

The ISO image is also available as a torrent. (Thanks much to volunteer Tim Stewart for doing this.)

Please, after downloading the full torrent, keep the torrent client running for some time to seed the files so that the files get better distributed.

Information about other ways to acquire TeX Live is available separately.

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