Practical TeX 2006 - Workshop and Conference Registration

LaTeX Workshop: July 25-28, 2006
Practical TeX Conference: July 30-August 1, 2006

Please fill out and submit the form below to register for the meeting (conference and/or workshop).

As you can see from the rates below, we are offering a discount on joining TUG (normally $75) if you join when signing up for the meeting. Also, we offer the "current member" rates if you are a member of any TeX user group, not just TUG.

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Conference registration fee: (choose one)
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   I'm a student. $150
   I'm a current user group member. $200
   I'm not a member, and prefer not to join. $230
   I'm not a member now, but I'd like to join TUG. 
If you are eligible to join at the special membership rate (senior, student, etc.) please contact us for a reduced price.
   Not attending conference, workshop registration only.
   Donation only. (Enter amount below, and thanks!)
Excursion interest:
Please check this box if you would like to be informed of a possible group excursion to New York City on Wednesday, after the conference. If a particular outing is of interest to you, please mention it in the comment field at the bottom.
Banquet (optional extra): $40 per person
Banquet cost is not included in the registration.
   Number attending: $  banquet subtotal
Pre-conference LaTeX workshop:
   Not attending workshop, conference registration only.
   Workshop fee - students. $125
   Workshop fee - user group members. $150
   Workshop fee - all others. $175
Voluntary donations:
Donations are generally fully tax deductible, at least in the USA. More info.
   General TUG contribution $
   Conference contribution $
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