Practical TeX 2006 - Program & Participants

Following is the program for the conference and the list of participants to date. It will be updated as registrations are received.

Please register online for the conference. Hotel information is also available on the registration page. Feel free to email us if you have any questions or comments.

Tuesday, July 25 through Friday, July 28

Schedule for LaTeX workshop days:
8-9amregistration (on Tuesday)

Saturday, July 29

5-7pm: reception (at the Clarion Hotel).

Sunday, July 30

9amKarl Berry Opening & introductions
9:20amBarbara Beeton keynote address: How to Create a TeX Journal: A Personal Journey
10:30amPeter Flom LaTeX for social scientists and other people who think they don't need it
11:10amJim Hefferon LaTeX resources
11:50amBoris Veytsman Design of presentations: Notes on principles and TeX implementation
1:40pmAlan Wetmore TeX and after dinner speaking
2:20pmSteve Peter Fonts, typefaces, glyphs & sorts
3:10pmKlaus Höppner Creation of a PostScript Type 1 logo font with MetaType1
3:50pmWilliam Adams TypeSpec v2: typesetting font specimens

Monday, July 31

9amNed Hummel Common macro pitfalls and how to avoid them
9:40amJonathan Kew XeTeX: past, present, future
10:30amFederico Garcia Capabilities of PDF interactivity
11:10amBoris Veytsman, Maria Shmilevich Automatic report generation with web, TeX and SQL
11:50amKaveh Bazargan Removing vertical stretch - mimicking traditional typesetting with TeX
1:40pmDavid Walden A lifetime as an amateur compositor
2:20pmTroy Henderson Using MetaPost for creating high-quality technical graphics
3:10pmAndrew Mertz, William Slough Graphics with PGF and TikZ
3:50Jon Breitenbucher LaTeX at a liberal arts college
4:30pmq&a; TUG meeting

Tuesday, August 1

9amPeter Flynn Rolling your own document class
9:40amFederico Garcia LaTeX and the different bibliography styles
10:30amBoris Veytsman, Leila Akhmadeyeva Drawing medical pedigree trees with TeX and pstricks
11:10amElizabeth Dearborn TeX and medicine
11:50amBob Neveln, Bob Alps Writing and checking complete proofs in TeX
1:40pmStephen Moye A wayward wayfarer's way to TeX
2:20pmSteve Peter Introduction to memoir
3:10pmpanel Barbara Beeton, Peter Flynn, Mirko Janc, Jonathan Kew; moderator: Dave Walden
7pmbanquet (in the Garden Room at the hotel)

Birds-of-feather sessions

We also plan to have birds-of-a-feather sessions at the end of the first day. These are informal gatherings devoted to a particular area. Topics so far (more suggestions are most welcome):

Closing panel

For the closing panel, we wanted to try to have a more open forum. So we invite you to submit questions for the panel in advance, either at the conference or email earlier. Any TeX-related topic is ok. The moderator will attempt to synthesize them and add more.

Your 66-99 second soapbox

At the banquet, we thought we would try something new: an open session where anyone is encouraged to speak for a minimum of 66 seconds and a maximum of 99 seconds on a TeX-related topic. Your chance to have your say!


  1. William Adams, Mechanicsburg, PA
  2. Bob Alps
  3. Leila Akhmadeyeva, Bashkir Medical University
  4. Tim Arnold, SAS
  5. Abbas Bahri (W)
  6. Kaveh Bazargan, River Valley Technologies
  7. Barbara Beeton, American Mathematical Society
  8. Karl Berry, TeX Users Group
  9. Jon Breitenbucher, College of Wooster
  10. Dennis Claudio, Richmond, CA (w)
  11. Elizabeth Dearborn, Buffalo, NY
  12. Sue DeMeritt, Center for Communications Research, La Jolla, CA
  13. Ron Fehd, Centers for Disease Control, and Prevention
  14. Frances Felluca, INFORMS
  15. Peter Flom, National Development and Research Institutes
  16. Peter Flynn, Silmaril Consultants
  17. Tchouzin Frugier, TRAPIC
  18. Federico Garcia, University of Pittsburgh
  19. Yael Goldberg, Rutgers (W)
  20. Steve Grathwohl, University Press
  21. Barbara Hamilton, Center for Communications Research, Princeton, NJ
  22. Jim Hefferon, St. Michael's College
  23. Troy Henderson, US Military Academy
  24. Klaus Höppner, DANTE e.V.
  25. Ned Hummel, University of Nebraska
  26. Mirko Janc, INFORMS
  27. Jonathan Kew, SIL International
  28. Richard Koch, University of Oregon
  29. Martha Kummerer, University of Notre Dame
  30. Robin Laakso, TeX Users Group
  31. Alice Leonhardt, Rutgers (W)
  32. Jenny Levine, Duke University Press
  33. Barbara Mastrian, Rutgers (W)
  34. Wendy McKay, Caltech
  35. Andrew Mertz, Eastern Illinois University
  36. Jaime Moore, Decision & Sensor Analytics (w)
  37. Stephen Moye, American Mathematical Society
  38. Bob Neveln, Widener University
  39. Gerree Pecht, Princeton University (W)
  40. Don Pellegrino, DuPont
  41. Steve Peter, Beech Stave Press
  42. Christina Polans, IEEE (w)
  43. Ira Polans, IEEE (w)
  44. Cheryl Ponchin, Center for Communications Research, Princeton, NJ
  45. John Rorem, Duke University Press
  46. Sam Roze, Princeton University (w)
  47. Herbert Schulz, Naperville, Illinois
  48. Heidi Sestrich, Carnegie-Mellon University
  49. Chirag Shah, IEEE (w)
  50. Caroline Sheedy, Carnegie-Mellon University (W)
  51. William Slough, Eastern Illinois University
  52. David Starbuck, IEEE (w)
  53. David Tellet, Alexandria, VA
  54. Larry Thomas, Saint Peter's College
  55. Leszita Townsend, Rutgers (W)
  56. Michele Turansick, Institute of Advanced Study (W)
  57. Boris Veytsman, George Mason University & AES ITT Industries
  58. David Walden, E. Sandwich, MA
  59. Alan Wetmore, US Army

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