Thu 7 Oct: Beginners TeX Hour: How to make a difference in 3 months

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At the TeX Hour we've discussed the beginner's experience over the past 10
months.  Are we ready to make a difference? I think so. The focus of
tomorrow's TeX Hour is what can those who are present do to help beginners
over the next 3 months, 6 months and year.

Date and time: Thursday 7 October, 6.30 to 7.30pm UK time.
UK time now:
Zoom URL:

Here's a 3 month program, in 4 steps. Briefly it's improving search and
navigation of TeX help and advice.
1. Identify web pages beginners often visit.
2. Improve those pages.
3. Identify good pages for beginners.
4. Add useful links that point to those pages.

Here's an example. The pages at are great if you're a
logician (or philosopher) who uses LaTeX. I expect that many beginners
visit We can suggest that LaTeX help
pages link to latex-for-logicians.

Why stop at logic? There's mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and all
the way through to economics and sociology. I think that in 3 months we
could create a useful LaTeX-for-X resource list. And that would be a good
page for beginners to look at.  And so perhaps we're well set to start the
next 3 months.

We don't have to agree. My program is only a suggestion. All positive
contributions welcome. All contributions listened to. Tomorrow's TeX Hour
is primarily for those who have time and energy to contribute, so that they
can help each other along the way (even if only by sharing experience).

Finally, you might be interested in:
[UK-TUG] On YouTube: UK TeX Hour: 5 Oct 2021: Remembering Sebastian Rahtz
(founder of TeX Live)

Happy TeXing

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