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Hi Philip,

SORRY, I just picked a number from memory, not having actually looked at those 4 Stephan Bechtolsheim volumes this century and being away from my office since March 2020 except for short visits to pick up stuff (online university teaching). It was fun in the early days playing with macro creation, and Stephan was a really clever guy, but LaTeX came along and really solved most of my needs. My apologies also for generating all these emails.

bob jantzen

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Robert Jantzen wrote:
I still have Stephan’s 5 volumes on TeX sitting untouched on the shelf from those days [...]

You have five ?!  I have only four, and I thought that that was all there were — I: Basics; II: Paragraphs, maths, and fonts; III: Tokens, macros; and IV: Output routines, tables.  What are the contents of the fifth ?
** Phil.
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