Using fonts from the LaTeX Font Catalogue.

Bob Tennent rdtennent at
Mon May 3 14:59:41 CEST 2021

 >|> I regret that I've disappointed *you* but I'm sure
 >|> that Rolf will understand the general point that
 >|> one uses an arbitrary font selected from the LaTeX
 >|> Font Catalogue by clicking on the name of the font
 >|> and following the instructions presented on the
 >|> font-specific page. Usually those will involve using a
 >|> package that provides the infrastructure required by
 >|> *LaTeX* processors. I suggest you prepare a *TeX* Font
 >|> Catalogue that provides comparable instructions for
 >|> users like yourself who avoid LaTeX.
 >|I think that you (perhaps intentionally) miss my
 >|point, Bob, which has /nothing/ to do with my loathing
 >|of LaTeX.  The situation is directly analogous to
 >|the well-known apophthegm "Give a man a fish, and
 >|you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you
 >|feed him for life".  In the present example, use of 
 >|BrushScriptX-Italic requires a dedicated package,
 >|"pbsi".   I have no idea how many fonts are listed in
 >|the LaTeX font catalogue, but if each and every one of
 >|them requires a dedicated package, then therein lies
 >|madness.  What is required is not a a link to a /package/
 >|but rather a link to the description of how one can use
 >|an arbitrary font supplied only as an AFM/PFA pair ???
 >|document that, and you feed a LaTeX font catalogue user
 >|for life.  Document only a package dedicated to one
 >|single font, and you feed him for only a day.

Philip: In my opinion it is madness to put the onus of
providing full LaTeX support on users; but if any user
prefers, they can consult my 2013 TUGboat article on fonts
which provides detailed instructions using the lcdftypetools
and fontools packages and, when necessary, font-editing
software such as fontforge. Using these techniques, I and
others have developed dozens of font-support packages that
seem to be greatly appreciated by LaTeX users.  

Bob T.

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