Kind help needed in making Mathematics research articles in LaTeX

Axel E. Retif axel.retif at
Wed Sep 2 02:14:29 CEST 2020

On 9/1/20 4:18 PM, Kamalmani Baral wrote:

> I’m going to submit some research articles of Mathematics in 
> the scientific peer review journals. Each paper should be submitted 
> there in LaTeX form which is mandatory.


> I need your kind help in making my research articles of Mathematics in 
> Latex.

First, in case you don't have it yet, you need a TeX distribution. The 
best place to start is the TeX Users Group:

In the right hand column, under the heading “Software”, you'll find the 
various options.

For Linux and Windows (but bear in mind I don't really know anything 
about Windows), I recommend TeXLive. Also for Linux, many distributions 
have TeXLive in their repositories: ;

but I recommend getting it directly from TUG because you'll get the 
latest software from there.

For the Mac, certainly MacTeX is your best choice: MacTeX is TeXLive 
plus some utilities and graphical applications.

Also for Windows you have options like proTeXt and MiKTeX, but I repeat 
that I don't know Windows.

Once you have a TeX distribution, go to  and

where you'll find a wealth of links to books and online documentation.

Now ---you can write your LaTeX documents with any text editor (*not* 
word processors), but it's easier with a dedicated editor, like

    * for MacOS, TeXshop, which comes with MacTeX;

    * for Linux, MacOS and Windows,

       * TeXworks:

       * TeXmaker:

       * TeXstudio:

    and many others. I think TeXworks comes with TeXLive for Windows.

I strongly advise you not to install more than one TeX distribution 
---if you use Linux and install TeXLive from the repositories, don't 
install TeXLive from TUG and vice versa; technically you can, but it can 
be a nightmare.

Many journals have their own classes and instructions for their authors, 
like the American Mathematical Society:

search for them before submitting.



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