TexShop and embedded fonts

Richard Koch koch at math.uoregon.edu
Wed Jan 29 20:01:33 CET 2020


The current version of TeXShop is 4.44. It is available from the version you are using by going to the "TeXShop" menu and selecting "Check for Updates."

Version 4.44 works with recent versions of macOS including the very latest macOS Catalina, which Apple released yesterday, and will certainly work with TeX Live 2020 when it is released. Your old files will still typeset fine.

The truth is that TeXShop has nothing to do with embedding fonts. That is entirely done by the underlying TeX Distribution, which is TeX Live if you installed using MacTeX. Many people assume that TeXShop modifies source files or massages them for TeX, but the truth is that when you typeset, TeXShop gives your source file to the tex or latex binary program and essentially says "typeset this file and call me when you have a pdf for me to display; in the meantime I'm going to take a little nap."

I'm not a real font expert, but feel free to send your problem source and pdf to me and I'll see what I can do.

Richard Koch

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