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On 2020-01-29 at 18:37:23 +0000, Djones9976 via texhax wrote:

 > I have tried everything possible to get TexShop to embed my fonts
 > in the pdf file to no avail.   Now I am looking at installing the
 > recent release of TexShop 2020 to see if that will work better. 
 > Presently I am using TexShop release 4.21.    My question is will
 > the 2020 release run my tex files that are now running in release
 > 4.21

It has nothing to do with TeXShop at all.  Typesetting is done by
LaTeX and I suppose that you are using TeX Live aka MacTeX in the

First of all, the Type 3 font *is* embedded.  This can be confirmed
with pdffonts.  Curiously Adobe Reader claims that it is not.

It seems that your workflow is latex -> dvips -> ghostscript, as
needed by pstricks.

>From the PDF file I can neither determine the name of the font nor the
name of the font file.  All I can say is that there is only one Type 3
font in the PDF.  By default all TeX engines insert only a subset of
each font containing only the glyphs you actually use.  Ghostscript
does such optimizations too.

The embedded Type 3 font in question contains only one glyph called
"/Bullet".  When I de-compress the glyph description I see:

  16300 0 m
  16300 9002.24 9002.24 16300 0 16300 c
  -9002.24 16300 -16300 9002.24 -16300 0 c
  -16300 -9002.24 -9002.24 -16300 0 -16300 c
  9002.24 -16300 16300 -9002.24 16300 0 c

PDF is using Reverse Polish Notation (operands preceed operators).
The operators are

  m (moveto)
  c (curveto)
  f (fill)

and the operands are coordinate pairs.  A circle can be approximated
by at least four Bezier curves.  This means that the glyph is just a
filled circle, as the name /Bullet implies.  This also means that
everything needed to render the font is already embedded in your PDF.
But I don't see from where in the PDF file this font object is called.
And if it's a dangling object, I don't know how pdffonts can find it.

It is very likely that this bullet comes from an included graphic
file.  There are many bullets in your graphics.  You can move the line
\end{document} upwards in your document until pdffonts doesn't list
the Type 3 font anymore.

The not embedded Helvetica shouldn't be a problem because the Adobe
PDF spec sais that this font (among 13 others) have to be present in
all PDF processors.  At least after the Euro symbol had to be added
to these fonts in 2002 it turned out that this was a bad decision.
Thus it's better to embed it as well.

Herbert, I suppose that the workflow latex -> dvips -> gs is supported
by a script which is part of pstricks.  If so, wouldn't it make sense
to call gs with the option -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress ?


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