Trouble downloading tex

Richard Koch koch at
Wed Jan 29 01:48:01 CET 2020


I'm the guy who creates MacTeX. Philip Taylor may have hit on the problem.
Apple told developers that install packages must be notarized starting on Feb 3. I've been waiting for
the third to see if Apple really does pull the plug. If so, I have a notarized version of MacTeX waiting to upload.

In the meantime, please go to the MacTeX web site and to the page

and download and try to install BasicTeX.pkg. This is a much smaller download, and installing it will
NOT interfere with later installing the full MacTeX. Can you install BasicTeX? This package has
been notarized, so success with it would be illuminating.

In the meantime, Apple released a new version of Catalina today. Did you perhaps install it before
trying to install MacTeX? I installed it a few hours ago.

Now I'll try to download and install the current MacTeX. (I have it already, of course, but downloading is
necessary to turn on the notarize requirement, if it has indeed been activated.) Perhaps Apple pulled
the plug slightly early?

I'll report back.

Richard Koch
koch at

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