[EXT] Trouble downloading tex

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Jan 28 23:07:41 CET 2020

John Morgan wrote:

> For about a week I have been trying to download tex from the tug.org 
> <http://tug.org> site for my Mac OSCatalina 10.15.2.
> The download package does not work. When I click on the download link 
> on the tug.org <http://tug.org> page the download program  appears in 
> downloads on my computer but it is darkened out and I cannot click on It.

Might this be relevant, John ?

> MacTeX-2019 works fine on Catalina once it is installed. When Catalina 
> was first released to developers, Apple said that install packages for 
> Catalina must be notarized and software installed must adopt a 
> hardened runtime. These conditions hold for BasicTeX-2019 and 
> Ghostscript, but not for MacTeX-2019. However, the requirements have 
> been turned off for most betas of Catalina and seem to be still off in 
> the release version, so MacTeX-2019 should install without trouble.
> In one beta version of Catalina, perhaps beta 5, the restriction was 
> turned on and the MacTeX-2019 install package refused to install. An 
> experimental notarized version of MacTeX-2019 installed fine during 
> that beta period and is available at 
> *http://tug.org/~koch/MacTeX-2019.pkg* 
> <http://tug.org/%7Ekoch/MacTeX-2019.pkg>. It will replace the old 
> MacTeX-2019 install package as soon as Apple reinstates the 
> notarization restriction. 

/Philip Taylor/

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