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Sat Nov 16 20:35:16 CET 2019

Thomas Schneider (NIH/NCI) responds to Walt Burkhard in texhax:

> As Peter Flynn explained, LaTeX cannot use JPG, it uses eps.  I use
> LaTeX all the time.  The simplest solution is to convert the image to
> eps.  A powerful tool for that is imagemagick:
> It uses a command line interface so you can build a script for doing
> conversions and use it repeatedly.

Yes, it can be done using imagemagick, maybe with some help
from ghostscript.

However, I usually find it better to use pdflatex to make a
pdf whose sole content is the image and then use ghostscript
to convert it to eps for use with classical dvi-generating
latex -- if that's what I want.  In this the conversion from
the pixel dimensions of the jpeg to page lengths requires
case-by-case judgment.  This can be scripted.

But these days I'm mostly using xelatex for its abilities
with (a) unicode and (b) fully scalable fonts.

                              -- Bill

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