[texhax] The "Fontspec" package : load font at specific size with dimension

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Tue Feb 28 18:16:56 CET 2017

Am Tue, 28 Feb 2017 12:16:30 +0000 schrieb Philip Taylor:

> I am completely unfamiliar with both LaTeX and Fontspec, but am trying to use them for a project on which I am currently working.  I have in my preamble :

>>  1. \setmainfont [Color=text-colour] {Noto Serif Bold Italic}

>  1. At what size is Noto Serif Bold Italic being loaded at line 1 ?

At none or all ;-)  With setmainfont you are loading the font at all

The default size used at begin document depends on the documentclass
which defines a \normalsize command, but you can later on change to
what ever you want.

Imho it doesn't make much sense to set as default font a bold
italic. Setup up the normal font and use \bfseries/\textbf and
\itshape/\textit to switch to the bold italic.


\setmainfont{Noto Serif}


blalb {\bfseries blbl \itshape blbl}%14pt  

{\fontsize{1cm}{1.2cm}\selectfont Blabla\par} %1cm


Ulrike Fischer 

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