[texhax] The "Fontspec" package : load font at specific size with dimension

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Feb 28 13:16:30 CET 2017

I am completely unfamiliar with both LaTeX and Fontspec, but am trying to use them for a project on which I am currently working.  I have in my preamble :
>  1. \setmainfont [Color=text-colour] {Noto Serif Bold Italic}
>  2. \newfontface \thai [Color=text-colour, Language=Thai, Script=Thai] {Noto Serif Thai Bold}
>  3. \newfontface \bengali [Color=text-colour, Language=Bengali, Script=Bengali, Scale=1.414] {Noto Serif Bengali Bold}
>  4. \newfontface \hindi [Color=text-colour, Language=Hindi, Script=Devanagari, Scale=1.414] {Noto Serif Devanagari Bold
>  5. \newfontface \nepali [Color=text-colour, Language=Nepali, Script=Devanagari, Scale=1.414] {Noto Serif Devanagari Bold}
>  6. \newfontface \japanese [Color=text-colour, Language=Japanese, Script=CJK] {Noto Sans CJK JP Bold}
>  7. \newfontface \korean [Color=text-colour, Language=Korean, Script=CJK] {Noto Sans CJK KR Bold}
>  8. \newfontface \mandarin [Color=text-colour, Language=Chinese Traditional, Script=CJK] {Noto Sans CJK TC Bold}
>  9. \newfontface \tibetan [Color=text-colour, Language=Tibetan, Script=Tibetan] {Noto Sans Tibetan Bold}
> 10. \newfontface \arabic [Color=text-colour, Language=Arabic, Script=Arabic, Scale=1.414] {Noto Naskh Arabic Bold}
> 11. \newfontface \hebrew [Color=text-colour, Language=Hebrew, Script=Hebrew] {Noto Sans Hebrew Bold}
but the "Scale=1.414" option is there only because I cannot see in the Fontspec documentation how to accomplish what I really want to, which is to load the font at a specific size (dimension, not unitless quantity) .  May I therefore ask two questions, please ?

 1. At what size is Noto Serif Bold Italic being loaded at line 1 ?
 2. How should I specify (e.g.,) "Size=14.14 pt" or "Size=1.2 pc"  rather than "Scale=1.414" on (e.g.,) line 3 ?

Philip Taylor

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